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Specialized Services

Some of the reasons that give ZAFIRA a competitive edge over other market players are due to some specialized services that we provide such as follows:

Customized Product Development/ Imprint options

At ZAFIRA, we offer custom product development services to cater to our client’s specific requirements. From product raw material, designing, shape, size, finish to packing and shipping, we take care of all our clients’ needs as per their unique nature of requirements. All types of imprint options in our products are made available to our customers as per their needs.

Contract Manufacturing

Another specialized service provided by our company is contract manufacturing of products. Our good quality products have helped us to retain our old customers from a very long period of time. We have been maintaining a long-lasting relation with our clients as a result of which we also undergo contract manufacturing. Any product or set of products can be manufactured periodically as per contract for the same customers.

Private Labeling/ Logo Embossing

ZAFIRA can provide private labeling services, logo embossing services, embossing services and labeling services in India. Our production facility is well-equipped to undertake private labeling of the products as wished by the clients. Besides our own range of products , we also manufacture products, as per the specifications of the buyer and provide labeling services, logo embossing services. This is one specialized service that we provide to our clients.

Economic Order Quantity

Another advantage that ZAFIRA provides to its customers is that we comply with orders not only in bulk but also in economic order quantities. Quality of our products always remains the same no matter what the specification or the quantity desire.

99% on time Delivery Record

Our purpose is providing high quality products, good service, and on time delivery to customers. We always ship on time. It's been more than 20 years in the industry and we have always tried to deliver our products on time. We have always tried hard to maintain our on-time delivery record.

Special packaging

We pack our products using best packing materials so as to avoid damage while in storage and in shipping.

Logistics Assistance

We provide logistics assistance to our clients. Right from the procurement of raw materials to design, manufacturing, finishing, packing to shipping, we have all the details of our working process, which help us in proper management of our work. Our qualified experts are always there to advice, assist, and train our workers and at the same time offers help to our clients to make the right purchasing decisions. Moreover, our logistics can also help our clients to keep a track of our shipment so that it reaches the final destination on time and safely.

Door to Door Delivery Shipment

We are capable of making on demand door to door deliveries up to 1 tonne, by air, for speedy and hassle free shipments to our esteemed clients for meeting their urgent requirements and commitments. (Charges Applicable)